Lignohumate – the Highest Standard in the Humate Family

           Amagro s.r.o. is a co-owner of the manufacturing plant , operator of the consignment storage facilities of the plant and exclusive distributor of premium grade fully soluble humate preparations Lignohumate and manufacturer of other Lignohumate based products that are designated not only for farming but also for livestock production, hobby market, health care and food processing industry. Lignohumate is manufactured of natural raw materials as a product of a state of art process. We do not mine humic substances in the form of leonardite or peat, therefore it does not need any treatment. What applies is the process of the oxygenated hydrolysis of lignosulphonan or other organic compounds.

          In 2010, our holding manufactured and sold 570 tones of the effective substance which means 5.7 million hectares of treated farming land. The core sales are executed in southern Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In 2010, AMAGRO sold 7 % of the total output of the plant mainly in the Czech Republic and in the West European markets. In the heart of our distribution system, there are fertiliser and growth stimulator sellers. Our clients appreciate the high standard and possibility to define the formula that is not dependent on the currently mined seam of mineral resources. Lignohumates are preferred mainly for their stable quality. This fact makes it possible for the development engineers to guarantee in practical applications results identical to the results of the trial operation. We have a standard technological process, we perfectly control the quality in any phase of the process, our labs check the stable quality of the final product. We manufacture preparations for the farming (Lignohumate), for live stock production, for aquarists (Aquahum). Recently, we have been very actively involved in the development of complex products out of which the first one, namely Ligno SUPER NPK 7.5-8-6 was launched to the European market in 2010. What is manufactured in the Czech Republic is the growth stimulator containing our component sold under the trade name LEXIN. Other products will be launched to the European market in the months to come.

          We are referred to as an important manufacturer of humate substances and we are sure that we will manage to keep growing in the next years, too. Thank you for having visited our web site and let us wish you in our, but mainly, as we all wish, also your world of Lignohumate.