Humic preparation for fish.

The Aquahum preparation has a fundamental advantage in that the final product has standard quality (max. 10% humic acid salts and min. 10% fulvic acid salts) and, because of the careful selection of raw materials, does not contain heavy metals. For the aquarist, Aquahum combines the useful with the pleasant in that it provides humic substances without acidifying the water.

The manufacturer guarantees a balanced content of humic and fulvic acids and also basic microelements required for fish development (Mg, Si, Ca, S, Fe, Mn, Zn, Mo, Se a B). Its osmotic value and chemical composition mean that it acts as a bactericide and fungicide. From this point of view, it not only fully replaces, but is substantially better than peat extracts. In addition, its pH is stabilized at a value of 8.5 – 10. Aquahum is added to the water in minimal concentrations and thus does not affect the pH of the aquarium water.

This substantially extends the range of uses of the preparation, which is recommended for practically all common groups and species of aquarium fish, including live-bearing fish and all African fish. It can be added to the aquarium preventatively, to transport bags and to spawning and development waters.

Effects of use

  • reduces deaths and favourably affects spawning
  • improves the colours of fish and their digestion
  • reduces stress in fish
  • leads to an overall improvement in the state of health


  • 1 drop in 2 litres of water on each replacement of the water
  • 5 ml in 100 litres of water on each replacement of the water

Chemical and physical properties

Name of the indicator



Dark brown solution with slight vanilla smell

Weight fraction of water, % max.


Weight fraction of ash content, in recalculation to the dry matter ,%


Weight fraction of humic substances, in recalculation to the dry matter ,% min.


Weight fraction of the salts of high-molecular humic acids, in recalculation to the dry matter ,% max.


Weight fraction of fulvic acids, in recalculation to the dry matter, % min.



9 - 10

Optical density of a 0.02% solution of D400, D440


Weight fraction of total sulfur, in recalculation to the dry matter, % min.


Content of elements in chelate form : Mg, Si, Ca, Fe, Mn, Zn, Mo