Field day of AMAGRO 2012


On 28.6.2012, the company of AMAGRO organised already second field day at Záhornice nearby Městec Králové. Marvellous sunny weather welcomed guests at the local stadium. After the introductory information on preliminary results of the spring season presented to the guests, individual specific issues and problems were addressed. The topic discussed included primarily novelties introduced by AMAGRO in 2012 and their first season, namely VITALIC and LIGNO AKTIVATOR. Thereafter, guests moved to the field to see demonstration experiments executed on spring wheat and winter rape. At the end of the meeting, young pig barbecue was served below parasols. Thank you all for coming. We promise to meet our friends next year again. Go to the photo gallery so see some pictures.


New packing of our liquid products

From season 2012 our company supply liquid product in new canns.

Horti Fair Amsterodam 2011

From November 1 – 4, 2011 AMAGRO took part in the Horti Fair at Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Four long days full of meetings with clients were a follow up of the last year participation. This time, our clients were sure to some to our stand. Most companies who had got our samples last year succeeded to carry out qualified analyses of the composition and first experiments and this is why we can call this year a success also taking into consideration our sales. Our company presented new items included to our portfolio namely the powder Ligno ACTIVATOR that is primarily designated to be supplied to western markets as well as VITALIC – an advanced growth simulator containing humic substances and potassium nitro-phenolates. We are glad that other Lignohumate products including foreign ones will be launched on the European market which has been our objective since many years. We thank to all visitors who came to see our stand and we are looking forward for the next year. See the photo gallery for several photos.

Field day of AMAGRO

29.07.2011, our company organised the first independent field day in the village of Záhornice (Central Bohemia). With the assistance of the employees of 1. záhornická zemědělská a.s., we welcomed the participants in the premises of TJ Sokol Záhornice and, later on, on the experimental grounds. In the theoretical part, we informed the participants on the humic product market situation, results of experiments. A significant number of lectures was dedicated to new products prepared for the registration proceeding. The participants appreciated that our company not only openly spoke on the formula of its products and documents the information provided by qualified analyses but that we showed on the experimental plots the efficiency of individual substances and their combinations with Lignohumate. All combinations of active substances without any difference were checked in advance in our phytotron in pot tests and the field experiments just confirmed our presumptions. The field day participants had an opportunity to see on their own eyes that our company systematically worked on the verification of the effect of individual active substances in combinations. We have developed a small research basis, for the time being, we have advanced forward and we are ready to offer tested preparations and fertilisers with stable formula to our partners. The humatised mineral fertiliser HAP 0.25-15-52 and growth stimulator VITALIC as under preparation attracted most interest. What you find in the “Download” section in close future are analysed results of the experiments and there are already several photographs in the gallery posted. We thank to all who participated in this successful event and we are looking forward for next collaboration. Special thanks to Ing. Matoušek, manager of 1. záhornická a.s. and Mr. Smutný for his selfless help with the piglet barbecue and Ing. Marcela Suchomelová, the expert consultant to AMAGRO for the carefully prepare experiments and exact applications. See you next year.

The member section has been launched

The member section of the AMAGRO web site has been launched. This protected section will gradually publish lots of information of both technical nature such as safety sheets and registration documents and full versions of experiments, analyses and comparisons to other products. We believe that the above will not only facilitate our dealer and partner selling activities but that it will support the development of the cooperation with scientific institutions and universities. Contact us at and ask for access data.

New contributions in the member section


In addition to the basic registration documents, the protected member section provides results of our experiments related to the possibilities of the manufacture of humic substances based on various types of lignosulphonate that may be downloaded. For the time being comparison of Lignohumate made of lignosulphonan supplied by czech company Biocen Paskov. Detailed spectrometric analyses suggest that the Czech lignosulphonan may be used to manufacture a product identical to the standard Lignohumate based on lignosulphonan Vyborg, Russia. The NPO RET expert final process tuning works took almost two years and they are a good basis for the possible development of the plant in the Czech Republic. Ask for your members section access data at


Lignohumate trial on rice

See new subscription in section "Documents" - Lignohumate trial on rice.

Lignohumate in NEW AG International

In november edition of the leading  World Publication on High Tech Agriculture we warn of the Article "UPDATE ON THE MARKET FOR HUMIC ACIDS PRODUCTS: Sales increasing, fair and unfair competition as well!" Read new Article in section  "In media"

Lignohumate in Slovakia

We entered the year 2009 by completing the preparation of legislative conditions for the launch of out products in Slovakia. Two preparations have been registered: Lignohumate AM and Lignohumate B. Lignohumate MAX is under the process of its registration at time being. This is another of the expansion steps of our company. As a very close country to us, Slovakia will be an interesting market for our products. Unfortunately, the economic recession heavily affects not only Czech but Slovak farmers, either, and therefore we anticipate demand for preparations able to multiple the receipt of nutrition at very low doses of fertilisers. We are looking forward for the cooperation with Slovak distributors and our travels to this beautiful and so close country. Soon, the registration protocol will be available for download from the member´s section as under preparation.

7. january 2009

Exactly this day, AMAGRO celebrates the 10th anniversary of its foundation. An originally marketing company whose aim was to search for interesting technologies in the territory of former Soviet Union countries and to organise their transfer and follow up sale to EU countries, got transformed in a very short period of time into a purely marketing, development and distribution company oriented on humic substances. On October 25, 2002, it took part in the launch of a plant manufacturing humates. Since then, the holding NPO RET, AMAGRO is a part of, saw a dramatic development. In 2008, we manufactured and sold 370 tons of active substance (= 3.7 million treated hectares). The current share of AMAGRO in the sales is 10%. The year of our anniversary will be marked by other development and further advancing ahead. The gigantic half a billion EU market is a great challenge for a company who is convinced about the quality of its products. Today, we have done a significant marketing step – we have launched our own Internet magazine „World of Lignohumate“, for the time being in Czech and English version, to be a practical aid for our partners.


Our Company Expands to the Mediterranean Region – Lignohumate in Cyprus

October 2008 –The president of the holding NPO RET and the financial consultant of AMAGRO Mr. Rodion Poloskin and Mr. Lubomír Rákos visited Cyprus in early October. The objective of the trip was to prepare the launch of a subsidiary company and to check experiments initiated in early September in the presence of Ing. Leonid Tugarinov. The Cyprus climatic conditions make it possible not only for the cultivation of citrus species that may be seen in our hypermarkets but also, and this fact is not that broadly known, the Greek section of the island is a significant producer of early specifies of potatoes. What is of interest is the fact that potato may be planted in Cyprus any day throughout the year and the crop may be collected after 115 days. The local farmers take advantage of this phenomenon and they plant potatoes in September to be able to export early potatoes to Christmas market in the UK in early December. Lignohumate is applied in the form of drop irrigation. In addition to potato growers, we could see operational experiments at orange plantations, several significant distributors and a potato research institute and a citrus research institute. For some nice pictures of the sunny island go to the photo gallery.

Lignohumate in Potato Cultivation in 2007 Conditions

Experience in the Field of the Application of Lignohumate in the Cultivation of Potatoes in the Conditions of the Year 2007 - this is the name of a paper published by Ing. Pavel Kasal PhD. in the October issue of the journal Úroda (the Crop).The paper summarises the results of a joint project undertaken by the Potato Cultivation Research Institute Havlíčkův Brod, Potato Cultivation Research Institute Lorcha nearby Moscow and the company of AMAGRO s.r.o. The international project focused on the verification of the effects of Lignohumate upon the cultivation of potatoes in various conditions of central Russia and the Czech Republic. It verified gradually increased application doses of Lignohumate both separately and, first of all, in combination with fully soluble fertilisers NPK containing micro-elements. This is a topic our company pays a lot of attention to not only because of dynamically growing prices of nutrition. In the Czech Republic, lignohumate was applied in combination with a common fertiliser Kristalon, in Russia, it was competitor product Akvarin. The manufacturer of this fertiliser – the Buiskyi Mineral Fertiliser Factory - prepares the manufacture of an experimental batch of the fertiliser 3 in 1 for the next year. That means NPK + micro-elements + stimulator (= lignohumate). The reader of the paper may notice that lignohumate applied in different conditions with various fertilisers on various species of potatoes showed more or less the same results. For the complete wording of the article see the section “In Media”.


October 2008 - Lignohumate in China!!!

After two years of hard work and cooperation with our Chinese partner, the first ton of Lignohumate AM is being loaded in our warehouse for being shipped to the People´s Republic of China. Our partner joined the Chinese governmental farming development programme and, therefore, we succeeded to include Lignohumate to operational experiments subsidised by the Chinese government in seven provinces. First hectares will be treated with Lignohumate in about two months including potatoes, vegetables and citrus fruits. The contract as entered into with our Chinese customer is an obligation on the part of AMAGRO to provide an expert to launch the experiments. This mission is up to our agronomist Ing. Leonid Tugarinov. Keep reading this page to check information on the developments of the experiments in future.

LIgnohumate in Field Husbandry: Scope of Application

You can read in section "Documents" the text "Lignohumate in Field Husbandry: Scope of Application" - work of Mr. Ing. Leonid Tugarinov (NPO RET), S.V. Alexeyeva (NPO RET) a S.S. Skrenzhevsky (St-Petersburg State Agricultural University)

New Articles in section

10.11.2008 - read new Articles in section "Documents"