News » Field day of AMAGRO

29.07.2011, our company organised the first independent field day in the village of Záhornice (Central Bohemia). With the assistance of the employees of 1. záhornická zemědělská a.s., we welcomed the participants in the premises of TJ Sokol Záhornice and, later on, on the experimental grounds. In the theoretical part, we informed the participants on the humic product market situation, results of experiments. A significant number of lectures was dedicated to new products prepared for the registration proceeding. The participants appreciated that our company not only openly spoke on the formula of its products and documents the information provided by qualified analyses but that we showed on the experimental plots the efficiency of individual substances and their combinations with Lignohumate. All combinations of active substances without any difference were checked in advance in our phytotron in pot tests and the field experiments just confirmed our presumptions. The field day participants had an opportunity to see on their own eyes that our company systematically worked on the verification of the effect of individual active substances in combinations. We have developed a small research basis, for the time being, we have advanced forward and we are ready to offer tested preparations and fertilisers with stable formula to our partners. The humatised mineral fertiliser HAP 0.25-15-52 and growth stimulator VITALIC as under preparation attracted most interest. What you find in the “Download” section in close future are analysed results of the experiments and there are already several photographs in the gallery posted. We thank to all who participated in this successful event and we are looking forward for next collaboration. Special thanks to Ing. Matoušek, manager of 1. záhornická a.s. and Mr. Smutný for his selfless help with the piglet barbecue and Ing. Marcela Suchomelová, the expert consultant to AMAGRO for the carefully prepare experiments and exact applications. See you next year.