General information

 Effects of lignohumates upon plants:

Through soil

Through leaf

Optimising receipt of nutrients through the root system

Improvement of the receipt of active substances through leaf

Development of more robust root system

Reduction of surface tension - improvement of the permeability of cell membranes

Development of lateral root hairs

Direct effect upon the alteration of the transfer mechanisms of plants = increase of direct receipt of minerals

Optimising properties of soil sorption complex

Increase of the content of chlorophyll in green parts of plants

Support of bacteria activity

Photosynthesis acceleration

Positive impact upon the C:N ratio

Fungicide effect

Support of the growth of bacteria promoting decay of vegetal remainders

Improvement of the effect of all fungicides, nutrition of leaves or growth simulator effects and the like

Suppressing stress factor of the external environment


Specific effect of the application of Lignohumate


  • Subject to timely application, there is a versatile effect supporting the growth of rich root system which in turn improves the development of above-ground parts of the plants and improves receipt of nutrients

  • Influencing the C:N ratio towards the immobilisation of soil-contained nitrogen at simultaneous reduction of doses of mineral fertilisers one can increase the yield. Lignohumate keeps nitrogen in soil and it is available to the plants for an extended period of time improving so the environment quality at the locality and creating so an alternative to the permanent increase of prices of mineral fertilisers.

  • Significant improvement of the health condition of plants enhances the immunity and resistance to fungi and other diseases and it finally limits the frequency of chemical spraying, reduces doses of such preparations or it may exclude their application at all.

  • Healthy plant leaves grow faster and the above-ground of the plant is stronger resulting so in larger surface of leaves and follow up closing of the growth and improvement of the water regime.

  • Enhanced photosynthesis process, higher content of chlorophyll in leaves

  • Finally, the application of Lignohumate results in higher yield and improvement of the crop quality

The versatile effect of the application of Lignohumate is best visible in the event of combined application with mineral fertilisers or fungicides. In such a case, lower doses may be applied – starting from 50 to 100 grams of Lignohumate per hectare. Another very efficient way is the combined application of Lignohumate and insecticides where Lignohumate plays the role of an anti-stress agent applied after the chemical treatment. Similarly, we recommend to apply full doses of Lignohumate following the application of herbicides in order to have the growths recovered.